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Vitamin C

www.figure-competition.comThe Best Known Vitamin

Even for the least-knowledgeable person on medicine and vitamins, Vitamin C tends to be the solution turned to when that niggling sore throat or blocked-up sinus makes its appearance.

Deeming Vitamin C as having benefits solely for when we are coming down with the common cold, is really not giving this vitamin even a tiny bit of the credit it truly deserves! So what exactly is Vitamin C? What other benefits can we derive from it? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can also be called ascorbic acid. This vitamin comes under the umbrella of water-soluble vitamins. Since our body is unable to store it, we need to ensure that our diet provides us with it each day.

What Other Benefits Can We Derive From Vitamin C?

Boosts Cell Health And Protection

Vitamin C plays a role in the production of collagen, this in turn helps the body to maintain healthy connective tissues. When connective tissues within the body are strong and healthy, organs such as the bones, skin and blood vessels are better supported.

Increased Iron Absorption

Many people are aware of the need to include iron-rich foods in their daily diet. However vitamin C is also needed at the same time to help our bodies absorb the iron as well as possible. A fact that is often overlooked is how we can assist our body in absorbing the iron and making the best use of it. Combining Vitamin C with iron-rich foods, helps our body to absorb and use the iron in a more effective way.

A Strong Antioxidant

Free radicals are molecules that can cause damage and havoc within our body. In fact a build up of these harmful molecules can contribute to the development of arthritis, cancer, heart disease and other serious health conditions. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant, protecting against damage, not only from free radicals, but also from pollutants and toxic chemicals.

Certainly it is clear that the humble Vitamin C can provide a wealth of health benefits to our body. How then can we ensure that we are getting enough Vitamin C? One way is to analyse our diet, and ensure that we give ourselves a generous serving of Vitamin C-rich foods every day. Here comes a guide to foods that will boost your Vitamin C intake.

www.figure-competition.comFoods Rich In Vitamin C

– Oranges
– Grapefruit
– Red and green peppers
– Kiwifruit
– Citrus fruit juices
– Broccoli
– Strawberries
– Baked Potatoes
– Tomatoes
– Cantaloupe
– Foods that have been fortified with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is jam-packed with health and nutritional benefits, meaning none of us should wait until we feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, before giving this vital vitamin some attention.

With health benefits that include boosting cell health and protection, increasing iron absorption and acting as a strong antioxidant, Vitamin C should be a part of everyone’s daily diet.

Many foods are rich in Vitamin C from tasty and refreshing citrus fruits, to tender greens and foods already Vitamin C-fortified. Add them to your daily diet without delay, and your body will have a lot of thanks to say!


Of course, it is also possible to take vitamin C as a supplement and this may be necessary for some people although most people can obtain the necessary levels of vitamin C from food. If you want to boost your immunity or increase your ability to absorb iron or you need additional levels for your workout, then Vitamin C supplements are readily and cheaply available online or over the counter.