Stage Ready Appearance

Female Cosmetic Preparations

For figure competitions and similar events, female cosmetic preparation involves several aspects, including grooming, hair, makeup, and tanning. These elements contribute to an overall polished and stage-ready appearance. Here are some key aspects of female cosmetic preparation for such competitions:


Hairstyling: Competitors often choose hairstyles that complement their overall look. This can range from sleek ponytails to elaborate updos, depending on personal preference and the requirements of the competition. Make sure to choose and tryout your hairdo before the day. DO NOT change it on a whim.


Stage Makeup

Due to stage lighting, competitors typically wear more makeup than they would in everyday life to ensure their features are well-defined and visible from a distance and they do not look “washed out” or pale. This includes bold eye makeup, contouring, and well-defined lips.

Waterproof Makeup

Sweat-resistant and waterproof makeup is essential to withstand the heat and potential perspiration under stage lights.

Again, try out your makeup well before the competition and check how it holds up under hot and sweaty conditions.


Competition Tan

A deep, dark tan is a crucial part of the aesthetic for stage competitions. The tan helps to highlight muscle definition and create a more sculpted appearance.

Some competitions provide a tanning service immediately before going on stage. If possible, do not depend on this, as depending on the numbers waiting for this service, you may miss your slot on stage.

Spray Tan

Many competitors opt for professional spray tanning services, which can provide an even and consistent tan. This is usually done a day or two before the competition.


Hair Removal

Competitors often undergo hair removal processes such as waxing or shaving to ensure smooth and hair-free skin.

Nail Care

Well-groomed nails, often with a fresh coat of nail polish, contribute to the overall polished look. You may wish to consider special nail designs.

Costume and Attire

Stage Attire

The chosen swimsuit or two-piece outfit should complement the competitor’s physique and adhere to competition guidelines. The color and style are often chosen to enhance the overall presentation.


Competitors may wear accessories like jewelry or heels that complement their chosen attire.

Posing Practice

Expression and Posture

Alongside cosmetic preparations, competitors also practice their stage presence, expressions, and posing. This involves showcasing confidence, grace, and the ability to highlight their physique effectively.

Final Touches

Backstage Preparation

Competitors often have a routine for final touch-ups before going on stage. This may include last-minute makeup adjustments, checking the tan, and ensuring that the overall look is flawless.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and expectations for cosmetic preparation can vary between different competition organizations and even between individual competitions. Competitors often work with experienced coaches or makeup artists who specialize in competition preparation to ensure they achieve the desired stage-ready appearance.