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Figure Competitions

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Fitness and figure competitions are a category within bodybuilding where participants, both men and women, showcase their physiques in a highly competitive and judged environment. These competitions emphasize muscle definition, symmetry, and overall presentation. Participants are judged on criteria such as muscle tone, proportion, and overall aesthetics.

The competition typically involves specific poses that highlight different muscle groups, and participants are expected to display a combination of muscularity, leanness, and femininity (in the case of a female figure competition). The judging criteria can vary somewhat depending on the specific organization hosting the competition.

In addition to figure competitions, there are other categories in bodybuilding, such as bodybuilding, bikini, physique, and classic physique, each with its own set of criteria and guidelines. These events often require rigorous training, strict dieting, and dedication to achieve the desired physique for competition. There are a number of figure competition diets available.

Figure competitions are a popular aspect of the broader bodybuilding and fitness competition world. Here are some key points and details about figure competitions:

Judging Criteria

Muscle Definition

Participants are judged on the level of muscle definition and conditioning they have achieved. This includes visible muscle separation, striations, and overall muscle tone.


Judges look for balance and proportion between muscle groups. A symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing physique is highly valued.


Competitors are evaluated on their stage presence, posing, and overall presentation. Confidence, grace, and the ability to showcase one’s physique effectively are important aspects.


Figure competitors perform a series of mandatory poses that emphasize different muscle groups. Posing routines are carefully choreographed to showcase the competitor’s physique from various angles.
Common poses include front and back double biceps, side chest, side triceps, and a variety of other poses that highlight muscle definition and symmetry.


Figure competitions typically have multiple height classes to ensure fair competition. Competitors are grouped based on their height to compete against others with similar body proportions. There are separate categories for men and women, each with its own set of criteria.


Competitors wear specific attire, usually a two-piece swimsuit for women and board shorts for men. The choice of attire is designed to showcase the physique while adhering to competition guidelines.

Training and Diet

Preparation for a figure competition involves rigorous training to build muscle and achieve the desired level of definition. Participants follow a strict figure competition meal plan, often involving precise macronutrient and calorie management to reduce body fat while preserving muscle mass.

Competition Organizations

Various organizations oversee figure competitions, each with its own rules and judging criteria. Prominent organizations include the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) and the National Physique Committee (NPC), among others.

Bikini vs. Figure vs. Physique

Figure competitions are distinct from bikini and physique competitions. While figure emphasizes a balance between muscle definition and femininity, bikini competitions focus more on overall aesthetics and physique balance. Physique competitions, on the other hand, involve a higher degree of muscle mass and definition compared to figure.
Participating in figure competitions requires dedication, discipline, and a commitment to a demanding training and nutrition regimen. Competitors often spend months preparing for these events to showcase their hard work and dedication on stage.


Figure Competitions

Female Figure Competition you ever thought about entering a women’s figure competition? Or even a men’s competition, come to that, because most of what this article is about applies equally to anyone interested in body building.

For some people, it is a scary but exciting thought. Having the opportunity to display the results of weeks and months of training, exercise and clean eating can be highly motivating and the competition aspect can keep you working at your skills and diet long after you might have given up without it. Of course, on the other hand, getting up on stage in front of hundreds of people, in a figure competition suit that is little more than a bikini (or swim trunks) and high heels (or bare feet) could be pretty scary to some people.

Dream Big

If fitness, a strong toned body and the opportunity to display the results of your body building diet and hard work are important to you, then go for it. What sort of legacy could you leave behind with all this? Many of those who take part in these types of figure competition, whether male or female become interested in nutrition and sports coaching or life coaching or even coaching others to enter these competitions. The very fact of taking part in these events provokes in some the wish to know more about how their body works, what foods suit it best and even how to push it harder than many others in this day and age will ever do. (Interesting fact: did you know that men these days are not as strong as their fathers were? The amount of physical work done is much less and children don’t get out as much as in previous generations. The same probably holds true for women.)

Go For It

If fitness, exercise and good nutrition interests you, then dream high  and get what you want. Sounds too good to be true? Remember, you have to believe in your dreams to actually achieve them.

Evaluate What You Want

The formula for getting what you want is to multiply YOU by your thoughts and actions and that will lead to success in whatever field you try. Of course, you need to be clear about what you want in the first place.  Try relaxing back in peace and quiet, whether on a beach or in your favorite place, closing your eyes and just dreaming about it. You may see many things you don’t actually want to do but as you relax and stop “thinking”, your true wants and desires should appear and provide inspiration for achieving what you want from life. This might be competitive body building or it might be something else.

Believe In Yourself

Belief in yourself is the first step towards achieving anything. You have to believe in your efforts, your skills and your capabilities. Even sticking to a figure competition diet requires belief in yourself, the fact that you CAN do it and the worth of doing it.

Be with positive people

Evaluate the people you associate with. Make sure they are positive and encourage you in what you want to achieve, as you do with them. Connect with those who help you in both good and bad times. They may be coaches, friends, mentors or family.

Take the plunge

If you have chosen what you truly want to do, then make a plan about HOW you will achieve it and stick to it. Enjoy your journey towards your goal and you will be successful with everything that you ever wished for.